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Hello and welcome to EuropeanClassix.com, a new and exciting site dedicated to bring you unusual microcars and scooters from Europe!
Our classic microcar and scooter sections list all of our current inventory as well as brand new acquisitions that we have coming from Europe. You will find information about each car or scooter as well as a preview image. If you are interested in a certain vehicle you may request additional photos that we will gladly provide if available. Check it out, you might be able find the car of your dreams listed on our site.
On our customer feedback page you can see what other people have to say about us. Use it to share your experience with us and our other friends and customers.
So please take your time and browse our site. If you are looking for a specific car or scooter which is not listed or which we might have sold recently, feel free to send us an e-mail with your inquiry. We might be able to locate the vehicle you are looking for after all. Even though we will try to answer each email as soon as possible, it can happen that you contact us at a time when we are in Europe, trying to acquire new additions to our current stock. Please bear with us if an answer occasionally might take a little longer. While traveling, it is not always guaranteed that we have Internet access at every hotel we stay.
Don't forget to this page and check back with us on a regular basis, since our inventory of cars and scooters may change quite frequently.